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Anxiety can come from a feeling of not being in control - whether that be control of our life choices or path, our personal relationships, emotions, social interactions and spaces or the ability to interact with work colleagues or job.


Emotionally anxiety can leave us feeling scared, confused, unsure, not understood, vulnerable or angry. These feelings can leave us isolated, having difficulty with social environments, an ability to make and keep appointments and engage fully with our family, friends and work. It may also negatively affect our sleep, ability to relax, concentration and eating issues.

Social anxiety can relate to aprehension around being out in public or for social meetings. This can also be about feeling in control of and safe within a certain environment. It can also be related to anxiety around how we feel we are perceived or judged by others, which can impact the view we have of ourselves and our self confidence and self worth. We can also explore this element of anxiety in a safe and non judgemental environment, were you can control the pace and direction of engagement.


We can explore all these paths to understand where your anxiety originates from. Sometimes just understanding why we feel anxious can begin to alleviate it.


You can use the knowledge you gain to empower you to control or overcome  your anxiety, make more informed life choices and move forward in your life. During our sessions we may utilise, if appropriate, breathing techniques, mindfulness or in the moment coping techniques to ease the immediate effects of anxiety. All of this will be done at a pace you control, around the content you choose, in a supportive and empathic environment.

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