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Bring understanding and peace into your life


Why counselling?

Are you struggling with grief, anxiety, depression or anger

Do you feel lost, unable to function or see a way forward?

Have you suffered loss in your life, through bereavement, relationships or work?

Do you feel you have hit a wall in your life or a fork in the road? 

Do you feel empowered to move forward?

picture of bren moore

How I work

Hi, I'm Brendan, I help adults, just like you to understand themselves and take back control in their lives.

I adopt a collaborative approach.  We will work together to develop an understanding of where you're at and your emotional processes. This will enable us to create a set of tools you can utilise throughout counselling and, most importantly, in your life moving forward.

I believe knowledge is a powerful tool and knowledge and understanding of ourselves the most empowering.  Through understanding ourselves we are able to take more control of our emotional processes.  This enables us to feel more at peace, self-confident and less anxious and depressed.

All our sessions will be conducted by telephone.  Over time, I have found this method to be the most convienient and productive, and this is borne out in client feedback.


Background and experience

I am an Accredited Registrant with the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society MNCPS (Acc.).  I trained in Person Centred Experiential Therapy.  This approach to counselling involves the empathic and non-judgmental understanding of clients, which enables me to engage with emotional processes and their regulation. I also incorporate existential theories into my practice.  This enables me to work with clients to find the meaning and understanding of their loss and in the grieving process.

I currently work as a bereavement counsellor for the Barbara Bettle Foundation working with clients affected by bereavement, loss and suicide. I am the counsellor for  Flourish and Succeed, a Liverpool based charity helping post-addiction clients. This role enables me to work on a broader range of issues such as self-worth, identity and positive life choices. 

In addition, I work with private clients with a range of issues and needs.

I was the administrator for the Beating the Blues programme at Caring Connections.  This gave me an insight into the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy processes.

My broader experiences involve work in the Health and Social Care sector, as a carer, and in the creative industries, as a professional musician for 15 years.

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